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United Kingdom

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Certified Rolfer™ LTCL, CST

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Originally from France I have been living in the UK since 1996. I have been practicing bodywork part-time since 2000, first as craniosacral therapist (I graduated from the College of Craniosacral therapy in London and from the Upledger Institute) and then as a Certified Rolfer since 2005. Rolfing is not my sole occupation: I was originally trained as a classical pianist and piano teacher and I still perform in concerts from time to time. I am also the administrator of a non-profit organization.

I did my Rolfing training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder , Colorado in 2004-2005 and since then I have been practicing as a Rolfer in Hampshire and in London . I have been lucky enough to learn from very skilled practitioners during and after my training but it is what I learnt with Neal Powers, teacher at the Guild for Structural Integration and who trained directly with Ida Rolf, which has been the greatest influence on my work so far.

I do not consider Structural Integration as a healing modality but more as a hands-on educational process. Improved alignment, balance and functionally are key goals in my work with clients. The framework of my practice is the classical “Recipe” of 10 Sessions as developed by Ida Rolf with the additional “Post 10” sessions depending on the specific needs of the client.

If you would like more information about my practice please do not hesitate to contact me (emails preferred).