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Certified Rolfer™ (Limited Status)

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I first came across Rolfing on my own healing journey from a riding accident that left me with chronic pain and discomfort. The sessions I received gave me a deep sense of freedom and relief within my own body, and opened my eyes to the potential we all have for healing and attaining well-being. Throughout life we collect experiences and traumas that impact our physicality and may have come to believe that pain and discomfort are unavoidable and inevitable, but our bodies are always seeking health and well-being and have the capacity to heal in profound ways. I trained to be a Rolfer in order to help others, having benefited so much from it myself and after seeing many others, including my own family, benefit from it.

I studied acupuncture before becoming a Rolfer. I also practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong. This practice of energy work helps me to attune to and to be guided by the individual needs of my clients.