Andrea Buckley


14 Westmoreland Road New Brighton Wallasey, CH45 1HU

14 Westmoreland Road
New Brighton
CH45 1HU

Contact Details

For Bookings: 07817966752 or 01516 306572


Certified Rolfer
Rolf Movement Practitioner

About Me

Andrea is a certified Rolfer, she qualified in 2010 at the European Rolfing Institute.

Her interest in this work originates simply from a passion for movement and alongside Rolfing she continues her work as a dance performer, maker and teacher.

Having experienced many forms of body work, Rolfing has been key in finding a healthy relationship with her own dancing body and her everyday habitual responses.

With an interest to delve deeper into the body’s intelligence and attain to a better relation with gravity, Andrea welcomes the opportunity to assist others in managing the aches and pains, caused by imbalances in posture and alignment, which have been reinforced over time.