Jennifer-Lynn Crawford


The Old Surgery 4A Green Road Leeds LS6 4JP

The Old Surgery
4A Green Road
Leeds LS6 4JP

Eden Treatment Rooms First Floor 11 Princes Square HG1 1ND

Eden Treatment Rooms
First Floor
11 Princes Square

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Certified Advanced Rolfer™

About Me

Jennifer-Lynn is a Certified RolferTM and freelance dance artist. As a Rolfer, she brings an in-depth understanding of physical change and movement education from 15 years working as a professional contemporary dancer, yoga practitioner/teacher and lecturer in the UK’s conservatoire system of HE vocational training.

She first encountered Rolfing Structural Integration as a dance artist, looking to understand and shift some patterns of strain that were becoming increasingly part of both dancing and everyday life, including a grumbling lower back linked with sciatic issues, some shallow breathing patterns and an overall tendency towards anxiety. A long-standing curiosity about Ida Rolf’s ideas led her to the Rolfing Series, which in turn opened up a deeper inquiry through and into movement and touch that has been both influenced by and influential in her work as a dancer and dance pedagogue. Breathing, walking, standing and everyday relationship became (and continue to become) more spacious.

Jennifer-Lynn is fascinated by how the Rolfing process supports individuals to explore and integrate their own best way of embodying their physical structures, of understanding how their specific life experience impacts their bodies, their breath and their movement; a process where each can find greater ease, expression and fulfilment in their everyday selves. She offers a warm and gentle presence, tuning to issues around past/present trauma and the needs of performance artists in particular.

A transatlantic transplant, Jennifer-Lynn initially trained in Canada at Quinte Ballet School and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre before gaining her Pg-Dip and M.A. at London Contemporary Dance School. She completed her Rolfing training at the European Rolfing Association in Munich and continues her study through ongoing workshops in both Rolfing and other modalities.

Please contact Jennifer-Lynn by email for bookings or further information (including to book a phone call to discuss any questions or concerns).