Liesl D Hinkly


The Light Centre in Belgravia 9 Eccleston St, London SW1W 9LX

The Light Centre in Belgravia
9 Eccleston St

The Acupunture Clinic, 143 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5QL

The Acupunture Clinic,
143 Portland Road,

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For Bookings: 07751 959 768
Email: [email protected]


Certified Rolfer
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

About Me

Liesl D Hinkly began her training in London in 1999, having first explored an interest in bodywork while working as a massage therapist in South America and  South Africa.

She qualified as a Myofascial Release Bodywork in 2001 in Boulder,Colorado,and went on to complete her training at the Rolf Institutes of Brazil and Munich.

Central to Liesl’s fascination with Rolfing is the territory of body re-education and how this can start the process of healing: the way we live in and relate to our body determines its capacity for change.

Through change we grow.

Rolfing nurtures this unique relationship between the body and change and puts people back in touch with their lives.

Liesl also works as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Somatic Experiencing is a pioneering technique to support the body while it re-negotiates the effects of trauma, which can get trapped within its layers for many years. By using this powerful combination of Rolfing and Somatic Experiencing, Liesl’s work brings peace and relief to sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder and it’s associated symptoms. This dual approach can change your body’s experience of being alive.

“Any system when it is overwhelmed with distress,learns to limit its input. But what the body has learned, it can unlearn.”