Rolfing and Psychotherapy with Bert Schmitz Msc Psychology & Certified Advanced Rolfer®

by | May 13, 2024 | News

Bert Smitz, Certified Advanced Rolfer, shares many insightful stories in an interview on his Rolfing career so far, spanning over 32 years, Smitz is both a certified Rolfer and an Clinical Psychologist, registered psychotherapist and MBSR/MBCT instructor. After living in both Florence and Italy, Smitz is now based in the Netherlands, running workshops Bodymindfulness which are a combination of individual sessions, workshops and courses, which assist clients in understanding their body in an holistic, non-dual way.

Please click on the following link Rolfing and Psychotherapy for the whole interview and further information on Smitz, as he discusses when he met Ida Rolf, the pioneer of Rolfing Structural Integration and shares current developments in Rolfing.